Are you looking for what to write in contact us page to make it more professional and search engine friendly then you are at a right place we will discuss about some top notch guide to make your perfect contact us page.

Basically the contact us pages are meant for visitors to connect you regarding various reasons like advertisement, brand promotion, growing up the business or many much more things that they want to know about you and your website.

Also the contact us page place a very good authorities signal for search engines and contact pages are helpful for building the trust in Google which is now essential to rank higher.

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What to write in contact us page

What to Write in Contact Us Page

The following top 5 things you have to write in your contact us page:

  1. Small introduction 
  2. Your email address
  3. Contact us form
  4. Your phone number for better connection
  5. Links of your social profiles

Small introduction 

A small introduction should contain like : what are your problem. Do you want to connect US then you can connect us by using the following medium. We will much more happy to solve your queries. If you have any question in your mind then you can immediately contact us.

Your email address

Weather you are a big industry or you are a small organisation or even if you are a individual who is running the website then also providing email is same to be more professional.

Beside of many social media people of various professions still prefer to use email address while doing professional conversations so you must provide your working email address in your contact us page.

Contact us form

It is not mandatory that you must provide contact us form but if your contact us page contains a contact us form then people can easily contact you and it will help to increase user experience.

If you are planning to put contact us form in your contact us page then the contact us form should contain at least three entries like name, email address and their message. Also after some period of time you should check if your contact us page is working fine or not and you should check the messages you have received by it.

Your phone number for better connection

If you are a business owner and want to improve your conversation rate then you must provide your business phone number in your contact us page because by telephonic conversation the trust factor build easily and you can generate more sales.

People usually when they want to get some information instead of emailing the person, they prefer to call them and ask the questions personally.

Links of your social profiles

The link of your social profile on your contact us page will help to build your brand. This links are helpful to build your audience in any marketing channels also it brings the positive signal toward the Google that you may be trustworthy.

So in today's article we cover what exactly be should write in contact us page if you have any questions then you can comment down below.